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Norfolk Chamber

The Norfolk Chamber of Commerce approached us to develop them a modern website in which they could advertise events and display their news, which also allowed members of the site to post their own News and Events.

The theme was designed by the Click which we developed in Drupal 7 using Bartik as the base theme.

The website uses 136 Drupal modules to obtain the functionality, such as Views for displaying content, Organic Groups for featured events and Panels for page layout.

The website had a lot of different challenges one of the biggest was the customised menu. This was finally solved with OM Maximenu, Minipanels and some clever theming.

The new Norfolk Chamber site was developed by Peter Panes and Gary Haddon of the CCN New media department.

About the Norfolk Chamber

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce is an independent, not-for-profit company that combines 115 years of experience and knowledge with the ability to re-invent itself to meet its members’ needs.

Our aim is to support our membership be more successful and to improve the Norfolk economy. We achieve this by providing a wide range of services to our members, of all sizes and sectors across Norfolk, to help run their companies more successfully, increase their commercial contacts and do more business.  The strength of the Chamber membership enables us to lobby local and national government and influence change for the benefit of Norfolk businesses.

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